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Dulkeith Computer Solutions provides a broad range of consulting services and support in Information, Communication and Technology Services
  1. Management - Manage all aspects of ICT systems including recommendations on forward direction, ICT policies, 
  2. Implementation of new systems - managing the design, purchase, installation and implementaion of new and relacement systems and assisting in the change management processes that apply to new systems.
  3. Networking - manage the implementation and configuration of networks, maintenance and modification as required in both managed and un-managed environments.
  4. Maintenanance and Support of systems - ensuring systems are monitored and running - in many organisations that run 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
  5. IP Telephony - Configuration and Support of IP Telephony Systems 
  6. Advice and recommendations on ICT stratgic direction for organisations, antivirus solutions and firewall protection.
  7. And much much more.......