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Starting from humble beginnings and providing ICT services to Health and Manufacturing in and around Stawell in 1998, Dulkeith Computer Solutions has expanded to provide services to a wide customer base throughout Western Victoria including the Grampians, Central Highlands, Wimmera and Mallee.

  1. Health Services - this is a major part of our business. Working in 6 Health Services and 4 Bush Nursing Centres and across 26 campuses providing ICT support across many aspects of these organisations
  2. Medical Centres - working across 6 medical centres - each using many different practice software and diagnostic equipment.
  3. Manufactoring - we have a number of clients in regional areas that produce goods in housing, transport, mining and earthworks
  4. Small Business - a large number of small businesses in retail and professional organisations
  5. Home Users - we provide support to many farming and home users throughout the region that we service

We are located in Stawell, Victoria

Contact Details
Phone No: +61 3 5358 3870
Fax No: +61 3 5358 1460

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